PS/MS 498 The Van Nest Academy for Environmental Health Sciences & Technology

                                                                  Mission Statement...

The Van Nest Academy is a community of HEROES* and life-long learners who work together to develop our students into exemplary citizens, positively impacting our society for a brighter future…...globally, nationally, locally and personally.


*H-helping others E-engaging in learning R-respecting all people and property O-organized E-everyday responsible S- safe, first and always

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8th Gr. Guidance Announcements


    All 8th students are strongly advised to attend a high school fair to meet  schools in all 5 boroughs.  During these fairs, students and parents will also be able to attend workshops on how to apply to high school.

    To find fair locations, workshop schedules and more please visit:

    **See document attached for high school fair locations.

    Guidance Department
  • Attention 8th Grade Parents

    Please be sure you register your child for the high school application process at

    Guidance Department

    VNA is happy to announce that we will be having several High Schools visit us for  information sessions with our students and families.  Please be on the look out for upcoming dates on Pupil Path and feel free to contact me with any further questions.

    Guidance Department

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Van Nest Academy's 1st Parochial High School Fair

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